The remaining four brothers and sisters that are decendants of Eugene I Van Antwerp wrote a book called “The Final Four: Van Antwerp Family Profiles” which just came out. It was written by Agnes, George, Dacia, and Daniel. Here are some things from it.

It is amazing to me that they had as many as 15 people living in a five bedroom house Detroit (16845 Muirland Avenue). There were 11 kids plus parents plus their Aunt Mamie (Bourke) [mother’s maiden aunt] and some friend of their dad’s from WWI that lived in the basement.

Parents: Eugene Ignatius Van Antwerp (7/26/89) and Mary Frances McDevitt (8/17/90)

Kids: Polly, Lauretta, Joan, Gene, Joe, Dolores, Gore, Agnes, Dacia, George, and Danny

[Eugene I was the son of Eugene Charles Van Antwerp and Cecelia Renaud (aka Reno)]

[Mary Francis McDevitt was the daughter of John J. McDevitt and Caroline Bourke]

I never met either of my grandparents on this side and only one on my mother’s side. [My mother (Mary Louise Beale) married George Van Antwerp and her father was the first generation here in the US. I have only heard a little about the family history which was traced back to William of Orange.]

Pauline Annetta Van Antwerp married Robert William Denton
* Mary Dolores Denton (married Cyril DeMeulemeester)

– Kathleen Marie DeMeulemeester (married David J Bredenberg)
    – Jacqueline Monique Bredenberg
– Robert Sean DeMeulemeester (married Kathleen Keiko Kamatani)
    – Cole Mansfield DeMeulemeester
– Scott Denton Andrew DeMeulemeester (married Monica)
    – Morgan Elizabeth DeMeulemeester
    – Matthew DeMeulemeester
    – Jack DeMeulemeester
– Laura Monique DeMeulemeester

* Kathleen Clare Denton (married Michael Buell Doelle)
* Robert William Denton II (married Barbara Oblin)

– Ann Marie Denton (married James Westerberg)
    – Andrew J. Denton
    – Robert William Denton III
– Tracie Michelle Denton (married Stephen Lawrence Kelly)
    – Spencer Stephen Kelly
– (2nd wife of Robert William II was Patricia Garrisi)
– (3rd wife of Robert William II was Margaret Joan Helm)
– Joan Denton
– Sarah Denton (married Senor Sentell)

* Caroline Joan Denton (married William Ryan Wundrach)

– Maria Ann Wundrach (married Michael E. Butler)
    – Michael Jason Butler
    – Matthew Butler
– Christopher William Wundrach (married Suzette Oztrowski)
    – Dean Christopher Wundrach
– Patrick Thomas Wundrach (married Kathleen)

* Philip Eugene Denton (married Nancy Thierry)

– Kaitlin Marie Denton

* Richard Michael Denton (married Mary Patricia Schaeffner)

– Brian Michael Denton
– Timothy Patrick Denton

* John Patrick Denton (married Patricia Ver Vane)

– Adeana Marie Denton (married Kelly Peters)
    – Ethan Peters
– Amy Elizabeth Denton (married Jason Jacob Swackhamer)
– Shane Patrick Denton

* Colleen Elizabeth Denton (married William Joseph Schechter)
– (2nd husband Ray Taylor)

Frances Lauretta Van Antwerp married Julius Aloysius Jaeger
* Julius Patrick Jaeger (married Sandi Allen)

– Nina Leigh Jaeger (married David Shorum)
    – Mitchell Shorum
    – Morgan Shorum
– Lisa Marie Jaeger (married Brett Tilley)
    – Lauren Tilley
    – Olivia Tilley
    – Cole Tilley
– Trisha Jaeger (married Graham)
    – Graham
    – Audrey Graham
– Michael Jaeger

* Eugene Michael Jaeger (married Elaine)
* Peter Anthony Jaeger (married Linda Smith)

– Christina Marie Jaeger
– (2nd wife Kathleen A Weissenborn)
– Dawn Michelle Jaeger
– Timothy Peter Jaeger (married Nicole)

* Juanita Appolene Jaeger (married John Conrad Muehlbauer)

– Cynthia Marie Muehlbauer (married Marc Arthur Cabral)
– John Julius Muehlbauer (married Daphne Dianne Holcombe)
– Lauretta Ann Muehlbauer (married Jefferson Cohan)

* Daniel Gore Jaeger (married Jane Denton Bradshaw)

– Raegan Jaeger
– Natasha Jaeger

* Mary Josepha Jaeger (married Gordon Jafes Wysong)

– Brian J. Wysong
– David J. Wysong

* Frances Lauretta Jaeger (married John Francis Jerow)

– John Gordon Jerow (married Janna Manes)

* Stephan Paul Jaeger (married Kay)

– Patrick Jaeger
– Carrie Ann Jaeger

* William Henry Jaeger
* Bridget Kunigunde Jaeger (married Robert L. Cady)
* Matha Sabina Jaeger (married Peter Klaase)

– Tenneya Klaase (married Sergei)
– Raymond Klaase

Francis Joseph Van Antwerp, Sr. married Elizabeth Ann Durocher (Betty)
* Elizabeth Ann Van Antwerp (married Michael Louis Sorgi)

– Sarah Elizabeth Sorgi
– Mia Catherine Sorgi
– (2nd husband – David Arthur Kalb)

* Francis Joseph Van Antwerp, Jr. (married Nancy Ann Lawler)

– Raymond Champion Van Antwerp (married Holly Ellis)
    – Meaghan Beth Van Antwerp
– Timothy James Van Antwerp (married Erin)
– Michael Ambrose Van Antwerp (married Iwona Ryszkowska)

* Daniel Janse Van Antwerp (RIP)
* Mary Catherine Van Antwerp (married Donald John Kozorski II)

– Kristin May Kosorski (married Chad Wells Davis)
– (2nd husband – Brad Haase)
    – Sara May Haase
– Katherine Mary Kosorski
– Elizabeth Ann Kosorski
– Francis Joseph Kosorski

* Kristin Jane Van Antwerp (married Paul Stephen Bahra, Sr.)

– Elizabeth Ann Bahra
– Paul Stephen Bahra, Jr.

Anthony Gore Van Antwerp (married Colette Ann Rothmeyer)
* Rosemary Dirkie Van Antwerp (married Peter J. Zacchilli)

– Michaela C. Zacchilli

* Francis Ann Van Antwerp (married Eric Nygaard)
* John Van Antwerp (RIP)
* Mary Elizabeth Van Antwerp
* (2nd wife – Betsy)
* (3rd wife – Sylvia Holmes)

Joan Cecilia Van Antwerp (married John Francis Shannon II)
* John Francis Shannon III (married Alyn Carpenter)

– Lindsay Shannon (married Philip Davidson)
    – Gracie Davidson
    – William Davidson
– John Francis Shannon IV (married)
    – Devin Shannon

* Michael Shannon (RIP)
* Patrick Shannon (RIP)
* Kathleen Elizabeth Shannon (married Norman Robert Bean)
* Dacia Joan Shannon (married William Michael Burke, Jr.)

– Denis Robert Burke (married Amy Lynne Garey)
    – Aubrey Michelle Burke
– Michael Shannon Burke

* Mary Pauline Anna Shannon (married Louis Patrick Smith)

– Joshua Louis Smith
– Ashley Shannon Smith

* Frances Caroline Shannon (married Walter Francis Akstull II)

– Walter Frances Akstull III
– Tara Shannon Akstull

* Eugene Charles Shannon
* Cynthia Georgianne Shannon (married Eric Haegele)

– Shannon Michaela Haegele
– Dacia Joan Haegele (marrie Jared Cahill)
– Jack Rolf Cahill

* George Van Antwerp Shannon, Sr. (married Heather O’Connor)

– Ciaran Shannon
– Siobhan Mary Shannon
– (2nd wife – Dawn Wimberly)
– George Van Antwerp Shannon, Jr.
– Colleen Shannon

* Kevin Joseph Shannon (married Carolyn Underhill)

– Molly Frances Shannon
– John Patrick Shannon

* Kelly Ann Shannon (married Derek Schwartzenburg)
* (2nd husband – John Langford De Lee)
* (3rd husband – Philip Aloysius Jacobs)

George Bernard Van Antwerp, Sr. (married Mary Louis Beale)
* George Bernard Van Antwerp, Jr. (married Kerri Anne Kelly)

– Keeley Anne Van Antwerp
– Britt Aaron Van Antwerp

* Karon Ann Van Antwerp (married Andrew Latham)

– Alex James Latham

* Michael Gerald Van Antwerp (married Ami Marie Field)

– Sawyer Janse Van Antwerp
– Macie Kathleen Van Antwerp

Rita Dacia Van Antwerp (married Reginald James McLaren)
* Kevin McLaren (stepson)
* (after Pauline (Polly) died and Reg died – Dacia married Robert W. Denton who was her sister Polly’s husband)

Daniel Janse Van Antwerp (married Cecelia Elizabeth Martin)
* Ann Elizabeth Van Antwerp (married Daniel David Wyers)

– Audrey Ann Wyers
– Patrick Daniel Wyers
– Dakota Edwin Holbrook

* Catherine Denise Van Antwerp (married Matthew Christopher Partalis)
* Mary Patricia Van Antwerp (married Dennis Patrick Moylan)

– Tyler Martin Moylan
– Alec Matthew Moylan
– Lydia Marie Moylan

* Karen Marie Van Antwerp (married Michael Heupel)