Text from book – Hudson-Mohawak Genealogy.

The family name of Van Antwerp has the significance through the Dutch that the family to which this cognomen was applied resided near the wharf or the place of wharfing casting anchor or tying up the ships and in this sense also it could signify that before they took up residence in Holland or emigrated to America they came from the great seaport of Belgium Antwerp the capital of the province of the same name

The Van Antwerp Arms as used in Holland Shield D argent a trois cremailleres de sable rangees en fasce as used in Flanders Shield D or a une fleur de lis d azur au chef d herm charged de trois pals de gules celui du milieu surcharged d une ancre d argent Motto In puritate mentis I

Daniel Janse Van Antwerp was the progenitor of the family of this name in America He was the son of Jan John Van Antwerpen of Holland and was born in 1635 He came to Beverwyck Albany NY between 1656 and 1 66 1 for his name appears upon the records as being there in 1661 when he agreed to serve Adriaan Appel for one year for a recompense of thirty five beavers equal to about n2 and found He was industrious and before long was making his own way the owner of his own bouwerie and possessed of those things which go to make a farm of good proportions Shortly after the settling of Schenectady whither he removed so that he was freer to own land himself than he was allowed while within the immediate jurisdiction of Patroon Van Rensse laer he became possessed of the Third Flat on the south side of the Mohawk river about eight miles above that city and in 1706 he sold the western half of his bouwerie 63 a 79 rods to his neighbor Jan Pieterse Me bie

His village lot within the stockade or wall was on the east side of Church street next north of the present church lot and was 108 feet wide in front and 206 feet deep wood measure In 1676 when forty one years old he was one of the five magistrates

In 1701 he was made supervisor of the town Daniel Janse Van Antwerp married Maritje Maria Groot daughter of Symon Symonse