The oldest house still standing in the Mohawk Valley, the Mabee Farm Historic Site was originally settled by Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen, who established it as a fur trading post to meet Native American traders before they reached Schenectady.

He received a deed for the property in 1671 from the English governor. In 1705, Van Antwerpen sold the western portion of his land to Jan Pieterse Mabee, and it was handed down through the Mabee family for 287 years!

The Mabee original structures, which were donated by descendant George E. Franchere, include the stone farmhouse, brick slaves quarters, and a frame pre-Erie Canal Inn. A family cemetary holds graves dating back to the 1700s. Replacing the barns which burnt down in the early 20th century are the 1760 Nilsen Dutch barn, which houses displays, an English barn, and several outbuildings.

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