Thos. H. Chubb Henshall-Van Antwerp Reel – Post Mills, VT

Thos. H. Chubb was established in 1869 and sold a wide range of quality rods and reels. He made what is perhaps the most interesting bait casting reel ever made. The flowing lines and protruding drag thumb lever and click lever make this reel highly sought by collectors today. The German sliver Henshall-Van Antwerp reel was made for only a few years and incorporates his September 27, 1887 patent. The late model Henshall Van Antwerp reels were made by Julius vom Hofe. The reel is named after two of Chubb’s friends and associates. Dr. J.A. Henshall, author of “The Book of the Black Bass,” wrote about the merits of using tackle made by Thos. Chubb. Chubb credited Dr. Wm. Van Antwerp, of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky with co-designing the reel.