Gene is my uncle.  My father wrote up this summary for some purpose, and I thought I’d share it here.

Fr. Gene was a member of the Society of Priests of Saint-Sulpice. That is a group of priests dedicated to educating men who wish to be priests. According to Wikipedia it was founded in 1641 by Fr. Olier in Paris and named after the church of St. Sulpice the Pious who died in 646 A.D. The Sulpician seminaries are primarily found in France USA and Canada. As an aside the Society had a great part in the founding of the city of Montreal Canada.

Gene was born in the City of Detroit County of Wayne State of Michigan on February 27, 1917.

He married Mary (Marie) Clare Mylett in Upper Marboro Maryland on June 25, 1971. She formerly was a nun with the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She had been Professor and Chairman of the Music Department at Order’s Trinity College in Washington D.C. Then she became a teacher in the Public Schools for a number of years.

He died in the hospital on January 27, 2001.

Gene’s Mother related this story. She was confronted by a neighbor, who asked her why her child was not coming home at he same time with the rest of the children from the Catholic school. It so happened that “GENE”, at the age of 5, decided he didn’t like the kindegarten class at the Catholic school and he enrolled himself at the public school.

Gene entered Sacred Heart Seminary in the 9th grade. He graduated from college in that institution in the same class as his cousin, Fr. Jack. He was chosen to attend Louvain U. in Belgium for theology, but while he was there, the Germans were about to invade the Lowlands, so he had to change to the American College in Rome. When Mussolini aligned Italy with Hitler, he caught the last ship from Italy to America. He then attended and  graduated from Catholic University, in Washington, D.C.

After being ordained a Catholic priest in 1942, he joined the seminary-teaching order of the Sulpicians (Society of St. Sulpice). He spent the required one year in silence, prayer and studies, earining a Doctor’s degree from Catholic University. He was a seminary Professor in the State of Washington and was Rector of the major seminaries in Plymouth, MI and College Park, MD.

He also was a U.S. Navy chaplain in WWII. For many years, he was the chaplain for the Academy’s midshipmen’s summer cruise aboard the battleship U.S.S. Missouri.

He volunteered to serve as a chaplain in the Marines during the Korean War. He was at the famous Inchon fight, where they were surrounded by North Koreans and had to retreat. He was wounded by a mortar and the shapnel stayed in his body.

After many years, he left the priesthood and married Marie. He then served as a Consultant to the Dept.of Education and also was a travelling member of many university accreditation teams. He also served as Secy. to the National Board of Cosmetology.