This was printed by Shrine Press, 1615 Morrell St., Detroit 9, Michigan on behalf of VAN ANTWERP CATHOLIC LIBRARY, Chancery Building, 1232 Washington Blvd., Detroit 26, Michigan.

Van Antwerp Catholic Library Pamphlet c1940

In doing some more research on the library, I found this picture and caption.


A pre-1963 photo of the chancery building at 1234 Washington Boulevard shows retail space on the ground floor, including the Van Antwerp Catholic Library, run by the Home Visitors of Mary. The chancery building, used by the archdiocese since 1926, was sold two years ago and will be vacated by the Archdiocese of Detroit in February 2015. | Michigan Catholic File Photo

The only other reference I found was in an old obituary about Miss Gerbig who worked there that said “the Van Antwerp Catholic Library, as it was called then, grew from a few floors at the St. Aloysius Church chancery building on Washington Blvd. to a basement, first floor and mezzanine store stocking Catholic publications, religious articles, liturgical recordings and gifts.”