I found this dedication to my cousin who died in the Vietnam War.  He was Frances Loretta Van Antwerp’s son.



CAPT Jaeger was born in Los Angeles, CA on 4 January 1940.  The oldest of 10 children, he moved to Atlanta with his family in 1953 and was enrolled in Marist School.  He was the first president of The Catholic Youth Organization at Our Lady of Assumption Parish, obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in The Boy Scouts of America and played football on the Marist School team.  Patrick attended Georgia Institute of Technology upon graduating from Marist, but received a full ROTC scholarship to the University of New Mexico and transferred, graduating in 1962 with a commission in the US Air Force.  He reported to K. I. Sawyer AFB for training, served there as a B-52 navigator for three years and was then selected for pilot training.  After completing flight school at Wichita Falls, TX, Patrick received his wings and was assigned to San Bernardino, CA where he flew C-141 transports as a copilot.

CAPT Jaeger received orders to Vietnam in 1969.  Upon arrival, he was assigned to The 457th Tactical Airlift Squadron, 483rd Tactical Airlift Wing.  Their mission was to support US and allied ground forces which primarily included Special Forces camps along the Cambodian border.  In April 1970, one of these outposts, A-245, at Dak Seang was taken under siege.  The NVA committed four regiments and several supporting battalions to the battle.  CAPT Jaeger courageously volunteered to fly his unarmed C-7A transport into intense enemy fire to airdrop desperately needed supplies.  After successfully delivering his valuable cargo, Patrick’s plane was hit and destroyed killing all three aboard.  His mission helped to repel the enemy and save the camp.

CAPT Jaeger’s heroism, strength of character, selflessness and patriotism reflects positively on his family and truly represents the finest traditions of the US Air Force and country.  The Silver Star Medal was posthumously awarded to CAPT Jaeger for his gallantry in action.

I also found two pictures from the memorial.