Dudley Van Antwerp – Architect Saturday, Jan 31 2009 

A.I.A. – An architect, died in Montclair, New Jersey, January 17, 1934. He was born in Huntington, Indiana, August 27, 1867. He had designed over five hundred buildings, among them the Monomonock Inn in Caldwell, New Jersey and the Bayside Yacht Club, Montclair Academy and Club House, and Empire City Trotting Track in Yonkers, New York. He was made an Associate of the American Institute of Architects in 1921 and was a member of the New Jersey Society of Architects. WWAA I – 1936-37.


Who is Marjorie Van Antwerp? Friday, Dec 26 2008 

I found a few mentions of Marjorie (or Marj) Van Antwerp that intrigued me.

1- Talks about her as one of the original investors in the cabanas in Sarasota. (see article)

2 – An article that mentions her as one of the great danes of Sarasota. (see article)

Van Antwerps in Forbes.com Saturday, Nov 1 2008 

I searched Forbes.com this morning to see what Van Antwerps are listed in the public records as executives at their companies.  (Not sure of the breadth of this search.)  It found 3:

Francis J. VanAntwerp
CNB Corporation MI
Cheboygan ,  MI
Sector: FINANCIAL  /  Regional – Midwest Banks
63 Years Old

Mr. VanAntwerp is Vice President of Durocher Marine Division – Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. He has served as a director of the Corporation and the Bank since 1990.

Gary L. Van Antwerp
Executive VP/Other Executive Officer at Willamette Valley Bank

Shelley Van Antwerp
Divisional Senior VP/Secretary at Willamette Valley Bank

William C. Van Antwerp Addresses Commonwealth Club 1929 Saturday, Nov 1 2008 

Interestingly, I found this posted on a financial blog.  I don’t know William’s relation to the family but given the original family resided in NY, I think it’s a safe assumption he’s related.

This is from one of the earliest Commonwealth Club speeches reacting to the stock market crash of 1929. Titled “The Panic of 1929,” the December 6, 1929, speech by William C. Van Antwerp of E.F. Hutton, offered some initial reaction to the market panic and included some surprisingly thought-provoking ruminations on the human spirit.

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Van Antwerp’s speech:

A panic is a state of mind in which fear supplants reason. It cannot be stopped by statute law or arrested by the police. The best that can be said of such a phenomenon is that it doesn’t occur very often.

In the panic of 1907, there were fundamental conditions that were not sound — in 1929, we merely suffered a case of nerves following a debauch. It is not to be expected that sound and conservative industry will be shaken this time.

This present panic had its roots back in 1917, when our masses found that they could invest money in bits of paper called Liberty Bonds. From investing to speculating was an easy step.

Whether it be public excess, saxaphones or modern art, the American public always goes too far. If we emerge from our excesses somewhat sadly, we are also somewhat wiser.

The stock market was running wide open and good judgment was forgotten. Most of the post-mortem warnings we now hear about were never given until after the panic occurred.

The recent rise had to stop in one way if it did not in another. Even a billion dollar pool would not have averted the panic.

We have for some time been “rotten rich” — now for a short time we are to be merely “affluent.”

President Hoover will bring into action the confidence reserves which everybody knows we possess. When we start forward again as we surely shall, trade and prosperity will go forward to heights not now imagined.

Vitality Fit Blog?? Thursday, Sep 18 2008 

Apparently, there is a Dick Van Antwerp who owns a company or franchise called Vitality Fit in AZ.  He has started a new blog – Vitality Fit Blog.  It only has two entries now, but perhaps he will add more.

Dr. Judith Van Antwerp Monday, Jun 16 2008 

Another person that might be related.  She is a physician and works at the Cleveland Clinic.

Judith Van Antwerp,  MD, is a Staff Member in the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology at the Cleveland Clinic’s main campus.

She earned her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine in Roseau, Dominica. She completed a general surgery internship at Graduate Hospital Allegheny University in Philadelphia, Penn. In addition, she completed an anesthesiology residency at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, also in Philadelphia, a pediatric anesthesia fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Boston in Boston, Mass., and a critical care medicine fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Md.

She is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Society for Pediatric Anesthesia, Society of Critical Care Medicine and Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society.

Bill Van Antwerp’s Photos Monday, Jun 16 2008 

Don’t know who Bill is, but I found a nice slideshow that he posted on photo.net.

Bragg Van Antwerp Monday, Jun 16 2008 

Bragg Van Antwerp has recently started blogging at Bragging Writes.  I am not sure if he is a cousin, but I would assume so.

Realtor – South Africa Sunday, Nov 25 2007 

In my research, I have found several things that point to a Van Antwerp family in South Africa which comes directly from Antwerp. The research becomes very fuzzy the farther you go back, but it would be interesting to try to connect the two trees and see if there is a link.

Here is one Van Antwerp there.

Artist – Jessica Van Antwerp Thursday, Nov 22 2007 

Here is another Van Antwerp that I found.  She is an artist and creates teddy bears.  I don’t know if she is a relative or not.Jessica Van Antwerp

A graduate of the Rutgers University Art History program, Jessica has spent the last ten years developing her unique style.  Her expressionistic, whimsical, paintings and soft-sculpture animal designs have garnered her appreciation from art collectors and animal enthusiasts worldwide.

After studying privately with fine artists such as Bob Beck, Sue Kelleher, and Charles Viera, Jessica began teaching at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, where she became the art advisor of the online magazine, Electric Soup. During this period, she established her own soft-sculpture art business, Van Antwerp Bears. Jessica’s miniature teddy bear designs have been sold internationally, and she was the recipient of a 2000 “The National” Award at the National Teddy Bear Convention in Pennsylvania.

The success of Van Antwerp Bears led to Jessica’s expansion of the business to include her abstract watercolor interpretations of human and animal forms. She specializes in capturing the essence and personality of domestic animals. Her work has been sold at the L.A. PAWS auction, a Los Angeles-based fund-raiser to provide animal therapy for AIDS patients. She has also participated in many fund-raiser auctions for breed rescues and seeing-eye dog providers.

Her work can be found online at the ChicArtTees.com, UniqueDogArt.com  and on her own sites, www.bluepoodles.com and www.VanAntwerpBears.com

Her work has recently been featured in and seen on the cover of the publication,  THE PET GAZETTE, of Sacramento and San Diego California and in Teddy Bear Review magazine!

Van Antwerp Citrus Saturday, Nov 17 2007 

I am finding all types of people on the web tonight.

Here is a Van Antwerp citrus company with a picture of Fred and Flo Van Antwerp with nephew Rusty Banack.

Van Antwerp Citrus

Howard VanAntwerp III – Kentucky Law Firm Saturday, Nov 17 2007 

Howard VanAntwerp III
VanAntwerp, Monge, Jones, Edwards & McCann LLP

Mr. VanAntwerp was born in Ashland, Kentucky, and attended Centre College of Kentucky, receiving his B.A. Degree in 1948. He received his J.D. Degree from the University of Michigan in 1951. He was admitted to the Kentucky and New York State bars in 1951. He is a Trustee Emeritus of Centre College and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Defense Counsel (1979 through 1985), Director of the Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky, and is currently a member of the Boyd County, Kentucky and American Bar Associations.

Mr. VanAntwerp’s current areas of practice are estate planning, probate and general corporate law. He also has many years of experience in workers’ compensation defense.

Bar Admissions:
Kentucky, 1951
U.S. Federal Court, 1952
New York, 1951

The University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1951
Centre College of Kentucky, KY, USA, 1948

Professional Associations and Memberships:
Centre College of Kentucky, 1972 – Present
Member, Board of Trustees

Kentucky Defense Council, 1979 – 1985

Boyd County Bar Association, 1959 – 1960

Kentucky Bar Association

American Bar Association

Phi Alpha Delta

Birth Information:
March 17, 1927, Ashland, Kentucky, United States of America

Tim Van Antwerp – Orlando Realtor Saturday, Nov 17 2007 

Another person I will reach out to. I don’t know if we are related, but I have yet to find a US Van Antwerp that didn’t trace back to Daniel Janse Van Antwerpen.

Tim’s site.

Van Antwerps in LinkedIn Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

I found a bunch of Van Antwerps in LinkedIn (professional social networking tool).

Bernie van Antwerp – Chicago (biotech)

Bragg Van Antwerp – NY (financial services)

Bryan Van Antwerp – Grand Rapids, MI (IT)

Chris Van Antwerp  – Rochester, NY (construction)

Christopher Van Antwerp – Detroit (healthcare)

Daniel Van Antwerp – Detroit (former judge)

Dave Van Antwerp – Salt Lake City (restaurants)

Deb VanAntwerp – Minneapolis (mktg)

Dirke & Pete Van Antwerp – Boston (mktg)

Donald Van Antwerp – Jacksonville, FL (real estate)

Donna VanAntwerp – Detroit (IT)

Fiona Van Antwerp – Canada (software)

George Van Antwerp – St. Louis (healthcare)

Hayley Van Antwerp – NY (financial services)

Heidi VanAntwerp – Atlanta (education)

Helgard van Antwerp – UK (IT)

Iwona Van Antwerp – (HR / Search)

Jack Van Antwerp – NY (newspapers)

Jana Van Antwerp – Dallas (transportation)

Jay VanAntwerp – Cleveland (financial services)

Jeannie VanAntwerp – Grand Rapids, MI (telecom)

Jeff Vanantwerp – Portland, OR (IS)

Karen Van Antwerp – Detroit (insurance)

Katherine VanAntwerp – Boston (publishing)

Ken Van Antwerp – Colorado Springs (semiconductors)

Krista Vanantwerp – Raliegh-Durham (teaching)

Linda VanAntwerp – Philadelphia (HR)

Lindsey Vanantwerp – Salt Lake (telecom)

Lorie VanAntwerp – (defense)

Malin VanAntwerp – Philadelphia (law)

Mark VanAntwerp – Seattle (computer games)

Mary VanAntwerp – Grand Rapids (banking)

Michael Van Antwerp – San Diego (real estate)

Jack Van Antwerp Photography Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

Here is some photography from a Jack Van Antwerp.

Harry Van Antwerp Family Reunion 2008 Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

I haven’t talked to them yet, but I found this posted.  Perhaps all from the same tree.  Not sure.

Sotherby’s Sale of Van Antwerp Library Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

Just an interesting blurb about selling William Van Antwerp of NY’s books in 1907.